A Photoelectric Sensor that
Detects any Change in Appearance

Self-Contained Full-Spectrum Sensor
LR-W Series

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  • Color Sensing Technology - Difficult Apps Made Easy

    • Product Differentiation

      • Product differentiation based on appearance

      • Product treatment/coating verification

    • Color Verification

      • Confirming proper color shade

      • Differentiating very similar colors

  • New Standard - A Photoelectric Sensor for Every Application

    • Presence and Absence

      • Product differentiation based on appearance

      • Rounded target detection on a moving conveyor

    • Registration Marks

      • Registration mark detection on film

      • Registration mark detection on a rounded surface

  • Flexible Range - Stable Detection Even at Long Distances

    With an impressive 500 mm 19.69" range, the LR-W is able to solve applications that were once considered out of reach. The LR-W also features an easy to adjust spot that can be widened or focused to provide the best detection based on the target.

    Adjustable Spot

  • High Environmental Resistance

    Durability and water resistance are important features for a photoelectric sensor. LR-W Series is zinc die cast and does not require a protective cover. This series is also water resistant with an IP65/IP67 rating.

    • Washdown Resistant
    • Dust and Dirt Resistant

For details, see the catalog.

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LR-W 시리즈 화이트 스폿 광 센서 카탈로그

LR-W 시리즈 화이트 스폿 광 센서 카탈로그

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